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Quality Components Make the Difference 


We believe that the quality of your barrel is one of the primary considerations as to how well a rifle is going to shoot.   Barrels wear out over time. 

Restore the accuracy of your rifle with a barrel replacement.  We only use top of the line custom barrels like Bartlein, Kreiger, Rock, Brux, Hart, etc., because top of the line performance only comes from top of the line components.  Other barrel services include: fluting, coating, recrowning and threading/installation of muzzel brakes and suppressors and virtually any other work that your barrel may require.

Muzzle Brakes reduce felt and transferred recoil from the rifle to the shooter and allow faster followup shots when needed, and the ability to spot impacts.


It is your choice to utilize either a factory receiver/action or step up to a custom reciever/action.  When it comes to factory actions there are several that we will work on, but the Remington 700 is preferred.

When it comes to custom actions, most are primarily an updated and improved version of a Remington 700. Quality custom actions that we recommend include Stiller, Surgeon, Defiance, Big Horn, BAT and Stolle.

Rifles Stocks

There are many stocks to choose from.  In our view the most important consideration in a stock is structural integrity. That is why we use stock manufactures like McMillan, Manners and Russo. These are not all the quality stocks out there, however, we find them to be the most popular.   There are also several good chassis systems that we recommend as well.

Pillar bedding

In our opinion, any rifle will shoot to maximum capability only when correctly bedded.


One of the most important aspects of a great rifle is a functional trigger. The trigger must be easy to use and safe. We recommend Jewel and Huber Concepts triggers.

Scope Mounting

Scopes must be mounted in a particular way to ensure correct function and stability without causing any damage to the optic or mounting system.  We see many poorly mounted optics that come into our shop.

Reputation Is Everything
Although we continue to receive work from all over the country, most of our work is regional.   We believe the reason why we have many return customers is the same reason why you would stay with a good doctor for years - you stay with them because you know what you are going to get.  You can't survive in this business without a great reputation.

Reasonable Price: Exceptional Work
Although we make no claims to be the cheapest, once you see the exceptional quality of our work - you will understand that the price is reasonable

Prices are quoted at cash discount rate.  Money order and checks are the sames as cash.  Credit card transactions add 3%