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Audio Testimonials

Met Aaron through a referal while shooting a .308 at Carter Country.

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Written Testimonials

Gunnery Sergeant  Lil' Joe

I recently have had the pleasure of doing business with a new young very knowledgeable gunsmith that has built some of the most beautiful and functional rifles I have ever seen in my almost 50 years of shooting.

I have a Rem 700P that another smith here in the Houston area did less than a stellar job on, so started asking around the north side of Houston for someone to maybe cleanup some of the mess. I was told that Aaron Roberts over at Robert's Precision Rifles did some really beautiful work and I should check him out.

I made contact with Aaron and he said bring the rifle by. I went over to his shop in Spring, Texas (northern suburb of Houston) and took the rifle along with a lot of preconceived notions on what should be done to the rifle. I met with Aaron at his shop and we looked over the rifle as he listened to my suggestions. Aaron listened patiently to me drone on about what I felt was necessary to fix my rifle, and then started asking a few questions. It soon became apparent that Aaron was:

  1. Very knowledgeable about rifles and what it took to be functional.
  2. Aaron is a professional and was very passionate about and loved his work.
  3. He knew much more about rifles and ballistics and what it takes to make a rifle shoot like it is supposed to shoot than I ever did or probably will know in the future. You know I learn something every time I talk with Aaron, which is saying a lot for an old grizzly like me.

Aaron has talked me out of spending a bunch of money on uneccesary bells and whistles that would not make my rifle shoot any better (which is a good thing in times like these), and he has since started fixing the obvious issues with my rifle. The rifle is now shooting better than it has since I started shooting it and as the old saying goes, "the rifle shoots way better than I can".

Bottomline, I can't say enough about the quality of the work Aaron has done, and his prices are extremely competitive. He really is truly an artist and can tune a rifle up to make even someone like me look like he can shoot. So if you are wanting a new rifle, just want to tighten up that old firestick you've been using for a while or need some repairs done on your rifle, go over to his website, drop him an e-mail and meet one of the most talented rifle smiths and more interesting and honest young men you will meet in a long time, but that's a story for another time. BTW ask him about his new actions.