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Dramatically Enhance the
Capabilities / Accuracy of Your Rifle

Many times improvements can be made to a factory rifle that can dramatically enhance the capabilities/accuracy of that rifle. You should not be under the impression that it is impossible to have a quality rifle that is built on an existing factory platform.

Why Customize Your Rifle

Functionality, Accuracy, Consistency

People who own custom rifles do so because they want a more accurate, quality built system that will perform for them consistantly over the years.  Many think they can't afford a custom rifle.  The truth is if you shoot enough you will spend more on ammo than what it cost to buy a custom gun. Rifles we build are of a quality that can be handed down from generation to generation.

Things you can do to make your gun more accurate:

  Muzzels Breaks









Pillar Bedding

Crowns & Threading






Barrel Fluting





Superiour Components and Quality
Workmanship Makes The Difference

Superior, more expensive, higher quality components make the difference.  
Rifles produced at a factory / assembly line can turn out to be good shooting guns, however the odds are not in your favor because the manufactures have to cut corners to meet a price point to sell them to the masses.  Assembly line / factory rifles can only be as good as the components and time spent on them.


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